Chiefs Magic Slot Game

Casino games are dominating in various parts of the world like Australia, and now America has not been left behind. With the new development by Microgaming software, you can enjoy gaming with the chief’s magic slot game. The game is quite easy to play and learn since it only features single pay line and three pre-defined play table which makes it easy for the players to enjoy their gaming. All the payouts are designed on one page making it easy for players to learn how the games work without navigating through many pages. The Chiefs magic slot does not have many features since it has three reels and one classic slot machine making it suitable for new gamers to understand.

Features of Chief’s magic Slot

The machine is designed with an American style where it features the symbol of a chief, the chief’s magic logo and also the 7 bar symbols.

Real bet

For those who want to win some coins can also do so by betting with real coins. Note that the chief’s casino slot is a multi-coin slot machine which does not allow one to bet on more than 15 dollars in a spin. The lowest amount you should select for betting is 0.25 dollars.

Match Bet

The casino gaming works by matching the bets. For example, once you hit the bet one button, you should select the amount of money you want to bet with ranging from 0.25 to 15 dollars. Also, you can select up to three numbers for matching. Then hit the spin button and if the numbers match you win. So if you bet with three numbers and all the numbers match you get to earn the whole amount.


If you become a player and elevate to top levels, you will get an opportunity of earning free bonuses based on free spins whereby you get 200 times free spin in the case where you match all the numbers.

Bet coin increment

The game has been designed to make your gaming accessible and enjoyable without forgetting you get to win easily too. If you want to increase your bet coins, all you need to do is press the max bet button, and it will automatically increase your coin size to the highest level.

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