Online Pokies New Zealand

Online pokie game is a thrilling game that you can either play as a fun activity and for some people, they love the game since they get an opportunity to win some money. New Zealand is among the states where online pokies are appreciated and valued. Also, the game is quite convenient as you can also download it to your smartphone and play anytime of the day. If you don’t have enough memory on your device, you can play the game directly from the site as long you are playing from a reputable site.

Note that online pokies are similar to the real pokie machine as it consists of the same features like the setup buttons, the spin buttons and also the collect button.

How to play online pokies in New Zealand

For a new player, it is essential that you go through all the features of the game on the site to get familiar with them before you start real betting. Then the next step requires you to select the credit to play with and the spin per line. Click the OK button and wait for the ball to roll.

The best online pokie game to play in New Zealand

There are a variety of online pokie games available on various sites that the player can select from. It is not possible to recommend the best game to play as each game is designed with unique features. So as the player, you have to choose the game that you feel you are comfortable playing. If you want to bet on real money, there are games like the jackpot city casino games.


Majority of online pokies New Zealand casino games are designed with welcome bonuses where the players are rewarded when they sign up with the sites. Before selecting these bonuses, learn about the terms and conditions governing the acquisition of the bonuses.

Player safety

The online pokie games are certified by the authority that governs the online games such that a third party cannot access the details of the player.

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Chiefs Magic Slot Game

Casino games are dominating in various parts of the world like Australia, and now America has not been left behind. With the new development by Microgaming software, you can enjoy gaming with the chief’s magic slot game. The game is quite easy to play and learn since it only features single pay line and three pre-defined play table which makes it easy for the players to enjoy their gaming. All the payouts are designed on one page making it easy for players to learn how the games work without navigating through many pages. The Chiefs magic slot does not have many features since it has three reels and one classic slot machine making it suitable for new gamers to understand.

Features of Chief’s magic Slot

The machine is designed with an American style where it features the symbol of a chief, the chief’s magic logo and also the 7 bar symbols.

Real bet

For those who want to win some coins can also do so by betting with real coins. Note that the chief’s casino slot is a multi-coin slot machine which does not allow one to bet on more than 15 dollars in a spin. The lowest amount you should select for betting is 0.25 dollars.

Match Bet

The casino gaming works by matching the bets. For example, once you hit the bet one button, you should select the amount of money you want to bet with ranging from 0.25 to 15 dollars. Also, you can select up to three numbers for matching. Then hit the spin button and if the numbers match you win. So if you bet with three numbers and all the numbers match you get to earn the whole amount.


If you become a player and elevate to top levels, you will get an opportunity of earning free bonuses based on free spins whereby you get 200 times free spin in the case where you match all the numbers.

Bet coin increment

The game has been designed to make your gaming accessible and enjoyable without forgetting you get to win easily too. If you want to increase your bet coins, all you need to do is press the max bet button, and it will automatically increase your coin size to the highest level.

Top Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Playing in Leo Vegas Casino

There was a time when people had to go to the nearest casino to play some casino games. While most prefer Las Vegas for casinos even today, you might not be lucky enough to live nearby to it. Today, you don’t really need to go to a casino – you can just log in to your favorite casino site online.

How have casinos changed?

The development of real-world casinos has been significant. Personal data and identity security have been high on agenda at every casino. Cameras installed to ensure no loss on personal data and identity when you’re out there playing. The developments also keep a check on instances of cheating and every casino game is monitored closely.

Online Leo Vegas Casino

If you have a weekend off from work, you can just drive away to your favorite casino nearby. Or just log in to your favorite casino site while lying on your couch.

More people love online casinos, especially since you can start playing even with your smartphone. While playing with smartphones is fun, there is a greater risk of security. There are generally two types of threats associated with playing casino on a smartphone, that of identity theft and the other of personal data theft. Here is a look at both of them.

Identity Theft:

Your identity remains vulnerable online if the site (on which you are playing casino) doesn’t have enough security in place such as encryption technology for safeguarding your identity.

Personal Data Theft:

For playing casino online, you will need to manage your cash online too. It means you have to divulge some information on your personal banking. Your casino playing site must ensure no data loss here. You also must take extra care on what you share there.

The best way is to take a look at the security offered by the Las Vegas casino site as well as installing the right antivirus on your smartphone to prevent phishing and hacking of personal information.

What Do You Look At Before Playing Leo Vegas Casino on Your Smartphone?

Don’t start a real game that involves real money without understanding the rules of the casino – that’s a sure way of losing out on your money. Before you commit some ‘X’ amount of money to the game, you should check whether you have a real passion for the casino or not. This, in turn, will save you from wasting your hard earned money on a game that you really don’t like. There are some online casinos that offer no deposit bonus for newbies to play there.

How Do You Start Then?

This summarily works to your benefit, especially when you are new to the game. Play with no deposit bonus and if you win, then pursue the play seriously on fulfilling certain criteria for the purpose.

The bottom line is that you cannot afford to compromise the security of your money in the name of playing casino on smartphones. After all, it’s the money that works as a potent stimulant here for the majority of the smartphone casino players.

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